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The staff at Franklin Middle School, in an effort to create a more nurturing, caring and productive environment, strives to make our school safe from all types of unsafe behavior. These unsafe behaviors include, but are not limited to: 

  • Bomb Threats Threats of Physical Violence
  • Drugs Weapons
  • Harassment Vandalism
  • Bullying

The following are excerpts from the Janesville School Boards Policies concerning these types of behavior: 

"Examples of acts of bullying include physical intimidation, force or assault, humiliation, sexual or racist remarks, extortion, verbal or written threats, taunting, put downs, name calling, threatening or menacing looks or gestures, spreading cruel rumors, and social exclusion. This includes acts of cyber-bullying that involve sending or posting inappropriate, insulting or threatening messages or images through electronic communication systems such as the Internet, e-mail, cell phones or other personal devices.

 "Student threats, bomb threats, and acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. A student engaging in such acts will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Parents are responsible for payment of damages resulting from such acts." (Board Policy 5230) 

"The possession, use, distribution, and/or sale of alcohol or drugs on school property, while under the supervision of a school authority, or while engaged in a school activity is a violation of school rules as well as the law." (Board Policy 5234.2) 

"No student shall possess a firearm/dangerous weapon on school premises, in a District vehicle, or at a District sponsored school event except as otherwise specifically provided. Students shall not possess a firearm while on school premises or while under the supervision of a school authority at any time as specifically authorized by law. 

The Board defines a dangerous weapon as a gun, firearm, starter pistol, beebee or pellet-firing gun that expels a projectile through the force of air pressure, an electronic gun, knife, razor, karate stick, metallic knuckles, or any other device, instrument, material or substance, which by the manner in which it is used or intended to be used, or by its appearance as a dangerous weapon, is capable of inflicting bodily harm and/or of being used to threaten, frighten, or intimidate." (Board Policy 5236) 

If an investigation finds bullying has occurred, school officials shall take prompt and necessary action up to and including behavioral interventions and support, disciplinary action, and/or referral to law enforcement officials or social services. Consequences shall be unique to the nature of the behavior, the developmental level of the student, and the history of problem behaviors. Remedial measures shall be designed to correct the problem behavior, prevent other occurrences, and protect the victim." (Board Policy 5030) 


We ask all parents/guardians to speak with their child concerning these matters so as to make sure they understand the possible consequences for these unsafe behaviors. Any type of threat here at Franklin is taken very seriously and the following consequences may be given: 

  • Suspension – In-School or Out-of-School 
  • Pre-expulsion Conference 
  • Arrest 
  • Recommendation for Expulsion