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Bring Your Own Device Guidelines

Bring Your Own Device Guidelines

Bring Your Own Device

Administrative Regulation 6724.3


Students are allowed to bring their own wireless, Internet-ready mobile devices to school for use within specified classes and/or for identified projects as determined by the principal. By bringing their own device, students can access Internet based resources such as personal laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Regardless of device, learning and high student achievement is the focus and goal.

All information and guidelines for appropriate use of technology are to be followed.

  • A. Guidelines
    • 1. Students using BYOD devices shall follow online safety, digital citizenship guidelines, and conduct their behavior accordingly.
    • 2. The School District of Janesville is committed to equitable access of instructional technology. In circumstances when a device is necessary for a lesson, project, or other learning activity, and a student's personal device is unavailable, the student will be provided with a shared school-owned device.
    • 3. Students may access the Internet only through district provided wireless networks, which provide filtered Internet access. The school district does not condone the use of other Internet connection methods such as cellular data plans, and is not responsible for any accrued data charges.
    • 4. Parents and Guardians will reinforce district policies and guidelines concerning Internet awareness, digital citizenship, and cyberbullying, at all times.
    • 5. Students and their families assume responsibility for their device. The school district is not responsible for the safety, security, loss, theft, damage, or misuse of any personal device.
    • 6. Students and their families assume responsibility for the technical support and maintenance of person devices, including troubleshooting and repair costs.
    • 7. Students and their families assume responsibility of insuring their personal device.
    • 8. District staff may examine personally-owned devices and search their content as permitted by state statute.
    • 9. Due to the personal nature and responsibilities of BYOD devices, students shall not swap or share their divide with another student. The student's device should always be in their possession or stored securely at all times.
    • 10. A permission slip signed by a parent/guardian (or by a student of majority age) indicating acknowledgement of, and agreement to, the BYOD Guidelines needs to be receive by the school prior to the student using the device in school.
    • 11. Students using BYOD devices must turn on any features or functionalities on their person device that could possibly be use by the district and/or families to locate and identify devices.
  • B. Consequences are highlighted in Administrative Regulation 6724.1, Guidelines for Acceptable Use Policy of Technology. Additionally and specific to BYOD:
    • 1. The student's parents may be contacted;
    • 2. The student's personal divide may be taken by the teacher and returned to the parent;
    • 3. The student may be banned from bringing a personal device to school REF: State Statute 947.1025 PL 106-554 Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) PL 106-554 Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act (NCIPA) PL 110-385 Broadband Data Improvement Act

CROSS REF: Administrative Regulation 1100.3, Permission to use a student's Photograph, Name and/or Work on a website

Board Policy 5030, Bullying Prevention Board of Education

Administrative Regulation 5030.1, Bullying Prevention: Complaint Procedures Janesville, Wisconsin Board Policy 6724, Instructional Technology

Administrative Regulation 6724.1, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of Technology March 2015