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About Us

Things to Know About Franklin Middle School

Franklin Junior High first opened its doors in 1962. In 1988 it became Franklin Middle School. Currently, there are approximately 625 students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, joined by a staff of 70 professionals. The staff includes: a principal, assistant principal, school psychologist, learning support teacher, LMC specialist, social worker, and two guidance counselors.

Our Mission

Franklin Middle School is a community of learners that does whatever it takes to help students succeed and learn at high levels.

Our Vision

The staff at Franklin Middle School will continue to evolve as a community of learners that promotes shared practice and takes collective responsibility for student learning.

Our Core Values

  • Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Honesty, Caring
  • We value self and others. We are accountable for our choices. We work together as one.
  • We tell the truth. We are kind and helpful.