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ATHLETIC HOTLINE: (608)743-6000; option 3

Philosophy Statement and Goals

The Janesville middle schools' athletic program offers a wide variety of athletic experiences for any boy or girl who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to become a member of an athletic team. It is our goal that every boy or girl who is scholastically eligible finds a place on one or more of our no-cut athletic teams. We feel that the values students receive from their association with athletics will have a lasting and worthwhile influence upon their development into adulthood.

Participation, performance, and competition in the athletic program should focus on the opportunity for students to develop and exhibit skills to to the best of their abilities without pressures to determine inpidual or group superiority and with equal value placed on each activity. Goals related to this philosophy are as follows:

  • To build self-esteem.
  • To develop skills.
  • To expand interest in lifetime and leisure activities.
  • To provide opportunity for personal and social growth.
  • To encourage all students to participate.
  • To help prepare middle school students for high school athletic participation.

The district shares the beliefs stated above. Additionally, school personnel believe that athletic programs are an integral part of the district's total educational program. In this context, we must remember that it is the responsibility of an athlete in particular, and athletics in general, to subjugate themselves to the total educational program.

Diversity is strength - and what America is all about. With this persity, though, we are faced with more and more challenges.

Each of us has a role to play in making society a better place. We can all do our part to make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE.

Unity Code

  • We will respect individuality without prejudgment.
  • We will see out similarities and celebrate differences.
  • We will acknowledge each person's basic human dignity.
  • We will keep an open mind and be willing to communicate with others.
  • We will promote multicultural education in our schools and communities.
  • We will no longer accept disrespectful comments or negative actions toward anyone.

**Please show good sportsmanship while you watch your son/daughter participate in our athletic program.**

Season Schedule

Season 1 (August 26 - October 7, 2016)

  • Football (8th Grade)
  • Girls' Softball (8th Grade)
  • Golf (Co-Ed 6th-8th Grade)

Season 2 (October 10 - November 18, 2016)

  • Boys' Swim (6th-8th Grade)
  • Girls' Volleyball (8th Grade)

Season 3 (November 28 - January 19, 2017)

  • Girls' Swim (6th-8th Grade)
  • Boys' Basketball (8th Grade)

Season 4 (January 23 - March 3, 2017)

  • Girls' Basketball (8th Grade)
  • Wrestling (Co-Ed 6th-8th Grade)

Season 5 (April 18 - May 25, 2017)

  • Co-Ed Track (6th-8th Grade)
  • Boys' Soccer (8th Grade)
  • Girls' Soccer (8th Grade)

Important and Fun Facts

What Do I Need To Do To Participate?

  1. You need to have a yellow insurance card on file in the office in order to participate. You may pick up these cards in the main office. It is best if you return them before the first practice. Physicals are strongly recommended but not required. Contact Mr.Pajerski, Athletic Director for additional information at 743-6021.
  2. Come prepared to practice the first day of the season.
  3. Do the best that you can in all of your classes. School work comes first! Plan your study time efficiently so that you can have fun in after school activities.

The Top Ten Reasons Kids Participate In Athletics

  1. To have fun.
  2. To improve skills.
  3. To stay in shape.
  4. To do something I'm good at.
  5. For the excitement of competition.
  6. To get exercise.
  7. To be a part of a team.
  8. For the challenge of competition.
  9. To learn new skills.
  10. To win.

Truths About Kids and Sports

  1. Fun is pivotal if it's not "fun", young people won't play a sport.
  2. Skill development is a crucial aspect of fun; it is more important than winning even among the best athletes.
  3. The most rewarding challenges of sports are those that lead to self-knowledge.
  4. Intrinsic rewards (self-knowledge that grows out of self-competition) are more important in creating lifetime athletes than are extrinsic rewards (victory or attention from others).

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